Coggle moggle - Remedy for a bad throat...

by Anna Fuerstenberg

This is the recipe that I got from my mama. It is called Coggle Moggle and Most Eastern Europeans know this recipe.

I directed a one woman show for a friend in Toronto. She had to sing a number of songs as well as act and clown. When she started coughing I got worried. So, every evening before she went to the theatre she came by my apartment and I made her a coggle moggle. the show ran for four weeks and when it was over she finally went to see a doctor and found out she had had walking pneumonia.

One egg,

Half a glass of milk,

I tablespoon of butter

A jigger (1.5 fluid ounce) of liquor.

Two tablespoons of honey

Cinnamon and nutmeg.

Put the milk on to warm DO NOT BOIL and add the butter.
While the milk is heating up beat the egg into a froth, adding the honey and the liquor.

VERY SLOWLY pour the hot milk and butter into the frothing egg honey and liquor.

Add cinnamon and nutmeg to taste and drink.

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