One Definition of Creativity for Singers? Learn How To Make A Song Your Own.

A powerful definition of creativity for a singer who sings in any style, is to learn how to make your performance more unique.

In "Sing With Me" video-lesson #6, I give you 4 tips about the subject of how to make a song your own. You can read them on the left side of this page, in the graphic.

This article will offer you information that is different from what you will find on the video.

Please use both sources to learn the most about ways to be a more original performer!

One DEFINITION OF CREATIVITY - Find Ways To Be Unique....

1. Learn your song well
These days, many singers do not read music. Often, they do not really know the original melody for the song they have chosen to sing. (This applies mostly to non-classical songs.)

We hear famous singers perform a song, and to our ears, that is how the song should be sung. But this is not always true.

Often, it is worth the time and the money to buy a copy of the sheet music to see what was originally written by the songwriter/composer.

And with that knowledge, then listen to many recordings to understand how other singers have chosen to "interpret" the original melody.

Reading the sheet music will also show you other important elements about the song, as well: the correct lyrics, they key in which it was written, suggestions about phrasing, chord chart (for guitar) and a piano accompaniment and more.

I buy most of my sheet music online at You can also choose the key that suits your voice best.

2. Listen to many performances of the song
We singers can learn a lot by listening to and watching other singers perform songs that we want to sing. Watch these two videos of the song, The Book Of Love: by Peter Gabriel and then the original version by Magnetic Fields.

If you were learning this song, these two versions could give you a lot of insight into how the song CAN be interpreted and with what results. Try this same thing with a song that you are learning. But be sure that you listen with a "critical ear."

What do I mean by that? Think about why you like a performance. And if you do not like what you hear, try to explain to yourself - why? This is a good way to begin developing a unique style.

3. Get your own arrangement

If you are serious about performing or auditioning with a song, consider asking a good pianist or guitarist to play your song for you.

Once the accompaniment is polished and ready, record the pianist/guitarist playing it on tape - without you singing. In other words, create your own karaoke instrumental to use at home. In this way, you will have an arrangement that is in YOUR KEY; that moves at the TEMPO you like; that wraps itself around YOUR UNIQUE INTERPRETATION.

This is just one definition of creativity for a singer. Read more about creativity in

Audition Tips.

I wish you great singing!

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