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Would you be interested in a
video series created especially for
Singers Over Forty?

Hello to All! 
Thank you for taking your time to answer my poll question!

I am about to begin shooting a video series that addresses the specific needs of singers who are over forty. Before I begin the shoot, I would like to know how many of you on my mailing list would be interested in buying the series.

I may shoot the series in groups of 10 videos. Each video would be about 10 - 15 minutes: easy to digest, easy to understand. And moderately priced.

For example:

Level one - videos 1 - 10 - $20
Level two - videos 11 - 20 - $20 etc.

Based on this amount of information about the series, would you be interested in buying access it?

Saying "Yes" by no means commits you to doing so. I am simply interested in how many of you would like this kind of tool for your singing education and ejoyment.

Thank you for answering!
My best,


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