Need More Control? A Video Lesson To Help You Gain Control and Flow!

Here is a second VIDEO LESSON in my "SING WITH ME!" series.

This lesson takes you into a vital area of good vocalism: the smooth flow of vowels.

Many singers find it hard to move smoothly through their vocal range. And any leaps in a melody can seem very challenging if you cannot sing with an easy flow in your throat.

This also makes it harder to sing high notes.

So take a look at this exercise if you feel you need to gain a smoother sound. And sing along with me.

However, if the notes are not easy in your range; if they are too high or too low for you at this point, learn this easy exercise while you watch the video lesson and then do it on your own.

Remember that it is important to breathe well - and to stand with good posture; broad shoulders, proud chest.


Feel in your face, an "inner smile." I am not suggesting that you have a great big smile on your face.

The "inner smile" is similar to the feeling you have when you breathe in a wonderful fragrance.... a great perfume, perhaps. Or the smell of fresh bread that fills the air... and when you are very hungry, you breathe it in with real pleasure.

Your face naturally lifts into an inner smile so that you can absorb the wonderful fragrance more easily.

This smiling feeling does several things that are useful for a singer: it helps to open the inner ear; it helps to lift your soft palate a little bit... and more.


This "EE AY AH OH OO" exercise is something that you will do early in your warm up. You are working the lower part of your range and creating a compact easy flow of vowels that will form the solid foundation for the rest of your warm up, as you move into your upper range.

Take your time with the early part of your practice. Set a creative and patient mood for yourself. Don't rush. Even if you have only a few minutes to warm up - make that time quiet, concentrated and pleasurable. (The Heron photo above is there to encourage you to find your own sense of concentration and serenity, as you work.)

I wish you GREAT singing!

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