Color and Emotions

Both Are Needed To Develop The Many Talents It Takes to Become a Fine Singer

Do YOU want to get ahead more quickly as a singer? Do YOU need to see more practical, obvious progress in your career as the days go by?

Life's richness of color and emotions...

I was thinking about these things as I watched a video a couple of days ago called, "Last-Minute-Soprano."

Here's the video, if you are curious about what I viewed: (you will have to endure a short ad for a car at the beginning) - Bring Passion To All You Do!

The video features a woman who was called in at the last minute to cover for an opera singer at the Metropolitan Opera who was sick. The music was very demanding. The singer had only a few days to be ready for the opening. Could she do it? The video clip shows her working on the music with a coach and director.

I was struck by the intensity she brought to the work - the color and emotions. As I watched her singing, I thought "Gee I would love to be feeling that right now!" And I realized: "This is why so many people would like to be artists. They see this kind of brilliant energy and they wish they had more of it to light up their own lives."

I understand the desire.

When I am doing things that do not actually involve singing, I too wish I could be in the "zone" of singing rather than slogging through marketing ideas or learning more html or backing up my computer.

But you know what? That kind of thinking is wasteful.

As I looked at the video a question occurred to me: "Why not bring this same kind of deep focus and energy to all my singing-related activities. In fact, why can't much of my life have more of that thrilling attention and focus?"

If you watch the singer in the video, just imagine what your musical life could be like if you brought to all your work even a percentage of the focus and keen intensity that she used to master that role so quickly?

My guess is that we would all get ahead faster and much more enjoyably...

If you think you might enjoy a book that helps you to find the right attitude to get more things done in your life, here's one that I have gone back to many times: Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity


I wish you powerful color and emotions in all that you do as a singer.

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