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One of my greatest passions in life, aside from my own singing, is to help others become better singers.

I began to teach singing when I was in university in Montreal, Canada. And except for those times when I was very busy performing or when I was living in the wilderness, and my only possible students were raccoons, I have always been engaged in teaching people how to use their voices better. And how to express their deep feelings through singing and movement.

My teaching life today...
I teach gifted children; professional singers who need an injection of new energy in the work; older singers who are coming back to singing, or just beginning to live their dream; and people who love to sing, but who have special needs.

My teaching studios are in Montreal and in Mexico. And more and more often, I am teaching through Video on the net.

I take great pleasure in writing about singing and songwriting, and in hearing from students who have questions or problems that they need to solve. This kind of work is wonderful, but very time consuming.

So, if you feel that the information on this site has been helpful to you, and you would like to help me to continue to make this kind of information available, please make a donation.

The amount you give is entirely up to you.

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