Rock Singer - ("The Ravens")

by Mike Smith
(Toledo, OH, USA)

Mike getting serious...

Mike getting serious...

Mike getting serious... Nice face!

Hi, Ms. Lewis-

First I'd like to say that I enjoy your articles and have forwarded a few of them to my band-mates. I'm 48 years old and have been a singer since I was a kid but didn't go semi-pro until I was about 34. I'm having the time of my life with it and my voice is stronger than ever. I attribute that to the fact that my band and I rehearse once a week as well as play out 4 or 5 nights a month. I also sing at my day job when I'm not around customers. (I think there's a fine line between a singer and a lunatic lol) Sometimes with 2-niters, I wake up the morning of the second night feeling a little hoarse or "husky" in my voice. The first time I experienced this it put me in a panic mode and I cancelled the gig. (Bad Me) I've since learned that by staying hydrated all day and taking it in stride, I'm usually just fine after a little warm-up. I thought this might be relevant to singing after 40.

Thank you for all of the advice,

Mike Smith
From The Ravens

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The Ravens - Northwest Ohio

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