How To Overcome Stage Fright - Links & More Information for the Kindle Reader!

how to overcome stage fright

How To Overcome Stage Fright

The following links and other assorted information is posted here especially for those who have purchased my E-Guide on Amazon for Kindle:

Stage Fright: 12 Powerful Tools to Help You Beat It! Especially for Singers

BOOKS: mentioned and linked to within the Guide (Most of these books also come in Kindle editions.)

- Getting Over Stage Fright

- Supercoach: 10 Secrets to Transform Anyone's Life

- The Second Circle

- Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life

Web pages & Video About Self Esteem & Confidence

- What Is self esteem?
- How to improve self confidence
- How to gain confidence
- Gaining self confidence
- How to have self esteem
- How To Connect (The Second Circle) - A short video with acting coach, Patsy Rodenburg.

AUDITIONS - Miscellaneous information linked to in the Guide:

- Preparing for auditions
- Choosing the right audition songs
- Tips for the day of the audition
- Audition tips for Singers After Forty!
About Breathing
How do I breathe?
Breathing exercise video
Diaphragmatic breathing video - Look down the page for the videos
See the vocal cords in action
Overcoming panic attacks
Remembering lyrics

- Online lessons
- Truer Self – Barbara Lewis in Performance
- Byron Katie – The Work (4 Questions)
- How To Make A Song Your Own
- Remembering Lyrics
- Online Singing Lessons – The “Trio Lessons” Beginners Package
- Magical Moments – Scroll down the page for Magical Moments

- How Do I Breathe? – Breathing lesson on video
- Powerful Guided Breathing Exercise

- Bill Murray in Meatballs - A wacky Pep Talk!