Gaining Self Confidence As A Singer

Gaining self confidence is an important aspect of learning how to sing and perform well.

Most vocal coaches will agree that it is crucial for a singer to learn how to continually improve self confidence in order to develop a free and uniquely expressive voice.

So here are several ways of gaining self confidence - especially when you are just beginning to sing.

1. Find the right teacher for YOU. Singing teachers have different coaching styles. Do some research before you settle on a teacher. Be sure that they are happy to teach the kind of music that YOU want to sing. Don't feel that you need to put up with a teacher who belittles you or who creates a dangerous atmosphere in his/her studio.

By dangerous, I mean that you have to worry about what "mood" she or he is in, when you arrive. Some coaches may feel that their "artistic temperament" gives them the right them to be unkind or abusive. This is not true - no matter your level.

One of my vocal coaches was a terror. She shouted and threatened singers who did not measure up to her standards. Singers were filled with fear when they went to coaching sessions. I left her early in the game so that I would not have to regain my confidence after lessons.

Try to find a teacher who makes a point of welcoming you to lessons with pleasure - who makes the singing process "fun" and enjoyable - but still expects you to work hard and seriously.

This atmosphere of happiness in a studio goes a long way in gaining self confidence as a singer.

(Also, do not believe that because someone performs well - they can also teach well. Often, a great performer has not developed the skills required to teach the things that they are able to perform with such power.)

2. Sing music that does not stretch your abilities too far beyond your current vocal level. You want to be stretched a little bit with the songs you learn. But do not assume that you should be able to sing with the range of Celine Dion, the power of Bruno Mars or (for you older singers), the careful styling of Tony Bennett, in your early years.

Sing music that allows you to feel that you are in control of your sound and emotions. Then, gradually build from that place toward songs that remain appropriately challenging as you improve. Your teacher will help you with this.

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3. Share your vocal goals and dreams ONLY with others who are supportive of your musical desires. There will always be people in your life who will try to dissuade you or embarrass you about your hopes to become a better singer.

These people have many reasons for wanting to put out your creative fire. Don't try to persuade them. Instead, work well and diligently and be patient. One day, let them hear you singing joyfully and well. That is the best kind of persuasion. Read this career tip for more information about the importance of finding REAL support for your artistic ventures.

I wish you great success in gaining self confidence as you move ahead with your dream to sing!

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