What is Self Esteem?

The Powerful Triangle of Self Esteem

What is self esteem - Barbara Lewis

There are many answers to the question, What is Self Esteem?

Here is one of the most concise that I have found from the National Association for Self-Esteem: "The experience of being capable of meeting life's challenges and being worthy of happiness."


What is Self Esteem, for Singers?

I want to give you information that focuses specifically on the needs of singers because we are a unique lot of people who must stand in front of others day after day and bare our souls through our singing voices... a challenging way to express yourself in the world.

In order to do it well over the long-term, you need healthy self-esteem. That is why I have created the "Triangle of Self Esteem."

We singers can get so caught up in the many elements that go into the feeling of worthiness (day to day state of our voices, success on stage, CD sales etc.) that it is easy to lose sight of the broader picture: our current creative selves (You-Now!), our Vision, and our Journey, which leads us to our Bigger Selves.

Developing self esteem - Barbara Lewis

Bigger Self

You see in the triangle at the top of the page how the Bigger Self rises out of 3 parts of our lives:

- You-Now! Wherever you are right now in your creative life is your starting place - a major point of power. Whatever place you find yourself in, you can take steps to move forward. To gradually fulfill your...(vision)

- Vision - All artists must have a sense of where they are going. Imagine your life 5 years from now. What do you see? That is your vision. If you believe in that vision, you have another strong point of power. Your vision sits within you like a fire. It keeps you moving forward on your.... (journey)

- The Journey - Your daily life, the things that you do each day to build your vision is your journey. The journey must be savored.

Keep the vision glowing inside of you, but live the journey. You cannot live in the future. NOW is the only time you have...

With these three areas of your life living inside of you, you cannot but feel a stronger sense of self-esteem. You are a person with a talent, taking a powerful journey to your Bigger Self.

How to gain confidence

Powerful Symbol of Fire

The triangle shape is a symbol of fire:

Fire that gives light – to keep us thinking and questioning

Fire that gives warmth – to keep us feeling and expressing


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What is Self Esteem?

Have compassion and respect for your current creative self. Keep your vision burning. And find joy in the journey - however slow or fast it may be. It is in this big picture that you can find and/or revive your self esteem and learn how to gain confidence.

Make a copy of The Blue Triangle Of Self Esteem. Put it up on your wall. Remember that self esteem comes from knowing that you are on a journey of your choice. It is the journey, not only the destination that gives you value and happiness.

I wish you great singing!

Barbara Lewis

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