Christmas Greetings 2020!

December 21, 2020
To all of you who have received my weekly newsletters this year, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! Thank you for being with me during this very strange year of 2020. In some ways, I am relieved to see the year come to a close. I feel that I need a couple of weeks to rest.  Perhaps you are feeling the same way? And if you are, then I hope you have the opportunity to find some deep rest for at least a little while.

I'm going to take  10 days away from work, while I think about how I can serve you better in the New Year. One thing I do know... I'll be creating an unusual online singing course for beginners, which I'm excited to beginning shooting in mid-January.  More about that in the next newsletter which will come to you the first week of January, 2021!

I wish you health, happiness, good singing and lots of hope for happier times in 2021!

P.S. For little uplift - A Song of Hope - "Happy Holidays!" 
If you have Grandchildren and you enjoy reading to them, try this: A Holiday story about a magical cat that helps a little girl find her way: The Story of Santapurrs

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