Wondering How To Sing Better? Look After Your Vocal Health

This page is devoted to the issue of how to sing better in terms of YOUR VOCAL HEALTH.

You will find articles on this site about a wide variety of health issues such as: Performance Anxiety, Fear of Singing, Sore Throat Remedies, Butterflies in Stomach, Vocal Cord Surgery, Vocal Nodes, Stress Exercises, Foods That Heal, the Benefits of Meditation… and much more. I encourage you to use the Google search engine on the home page!

When voice students ask me about how to sing better I tell them about the 7 main areas that contribute to good singing. I call those areas "The Seven Points of Power."

You will find them just below this invitation...

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1. The Power of the Present - No matter where you are in life, right now you have the chance to do what you want to do, become what you want to be. You only have this present moment. Act now. The Present is the Point of Power.

2. The Power of Your Message - Be careful about what you choose to sing. Words are powerful. If you do not believe in the lyrics you are singing, your body knows. Choose your message wisely, both for yourself and for your audience. Give emotional power to your lyrics when you sing.

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3. The Power of A Healthy Body - Singers tend to forget that their body is their instrument. Staying healthy is crucial to good singing. Go here to read more about:

• how to sing better: LARYNGITIS

• How to breathe

• Causes and Remedies for Sore Throat

...OR take a guided breathing exercise.

4. The Power of Good Vocal Technique – Learn to sing in a way that gives you the maximum results with the least effort; and avoid vocal abuse. (Read “laryngitis” – in the link above.) Find a good voice teacher who understands your singing goals.

5. The Power of Persistence – In my experience, singers who “make it” find ways to keep going even when the going gets tough. Building a career as a singer can take a long time. In order to persist, you need vision. And that is your next point of power.

6. The Power of Long-term Vision – When you are starting out in singing, it is not easy to know where you want to go. Even so, create a vision for yourself. Where will you be 2 years from now - 5 years from now? (This vision will evolve over time; you are not stuck with it. But you must have a vision.)

7. The Power of An Audience – Building an audience over time gives you great confidence. And singing for an audience that needs your music gives you creative energy. Find your audience.

(If you need some insight into ways to gain confidence about the route you are taking in music, look here for some tips about self esteem:

What is Self Esteem?)

Still wondering how to sing better?

Each of these points of power will take some thought and action on your part. Write down the list of 7 points on a blank piece of paper. Find one way to improve on each area. Make a note of those ideas. And take action - Now!

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I wish you great singing!

My best to you,

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