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Welcome from Barbara Lewis! This Web Site is devoted to helping YOU become the kind of singer you have dreamed of being! If you are a beginner, you will find many posts, videos and audio clips to help you take yourself to another level of singing ability. For the intermediate level singer, again, you will find much to keep you moving ahead. Use the Google search engine on home page to search for your specific interests.

LOOKING FOR A LESSON OR TWO?  at any level? And any age?

Testimonial - "You have inspired so much growth and confidence. I just can't wait to keep progressing with your coaching!" - Zandrea Duchesneau

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And for the advanced singer, I have a special page of information with links to many sources, just for your more specific needs. Click the "Going Pro" image on the left to see the "My Special Project!" Package with Barbara Lewis." And look here for dealing with Stage Fright issues.

Testimonial - "I have over 11 different vocal coaches' programs, from Per Bristow, Seth Riggs, Anne Peckham, but my most favorite is you. You`re not just a coach, more like my wise distant aunt." Tafadzwa Gubwe

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I have a special and strong interest in working with older singers who are coming back to singing after a long time away, or those who are just beginning to live their dream to sing. You are a wonderful and intriguing group of people with much to say through your voice, and years of experience to draw on. 
I heartily welcome you!

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Testimonial - "Thank you so much for your wonderful teaching. Your positive approach to life comes through with the singing. Your mastery of vocal technique is sans-pareil - so rich and appreciated." Cynthia Carsley

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For all singers who are eager to move ahead in the business, please take a look at my Singer's Gift Shop! You will find many tools and tips that will boost your voice and your singing smarts!

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If you are interested in my own life as a singer and songwriter, you can find me here at BarbaraLewis.com. You may be interested in seeing me in performance-action at Montreal's Upstairs Jazz Club. (It is always good to know if the person you are trusting to help you sing better, can sing herself!)


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I wish you Great Singing!

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