Zoom Group Singing Warm up Sessions


Are you interested in joining a Zoom Group Singing Warm up Session? If so, send an email to Barbara Lewis here: barbaramusic.2011@gmail.com

These group sessions happen each week on Thursday at 2PM Eastern Standard Time. Non-professional singers who are Over 40 meet on Zoom with vocal coach, Barbara Lewis to warm up their voices with simple, yet powerful vocal exercises for about 15 minutes. Barbara also talks briefly about breathing, vocal anatomy and performance ideas... 

Occasionally, the session goes as long as 20 minutes, but no longer. You do not hear the others in the group while you are singing. Everyone is on mute, except for Barbara! Then, at the end, everyone unmutes to chat for a minute or two and say "see you next week!

The meeting is every Thursday from 2:00 - 2:20 PM EST. 

(See responses from several singers who attended sessions - below!) 


If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, be in touch with Barbara here:  barbaramusic.2011@gmail.com 

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If you are new to Barbara's work, check out her You Tube Channel - Singing After 40! You will find more than 150 free videos about many aspects of singing: high notes, volume, how to sing specific songs, low notes, fast notes, health, stage fright, confidence and much more! 

Responses from previous Zoom Group Sessions:

Thanks so much Barbara for giving your time today. I appreciate the opportunity to work with you! Great to see you today. I enjoyed the session today because everyone was there to learn and there are always little facets of my singing that improve during the sessions.

I enjoyed the first group session because it allowed me to step out of "not singing so, no singers to talk to"- isolation. I enjoyed hearing what material other singers do or want to do. It helps to envision my own possibilities.  I enjoyed hearing the reactions to the exercises...and to see the experiences we may have in common or not. What we like or not and why

I loved the first group session because it was so positive and motivating. It made me want to work on the warm up exercises and get to singing more regularly. I've been dabbling with my music for a long time but want to get more serious.

I enjoyed this event because it gave me the opportunity to meet interesting people of mutual interests: love and knowledge of all kinds of music and a “pocketful” of songs “ to sing. (As Barbara would say...) I look forward to getting to know them and learning about their musical journey and sources of inspiration. And listening to them sing!

I enjoyed the first session because it was so welcoming and friendly. The warm-up exercises were very helpful and beneficial. Such a pleasure to meet fellow singers from around the world!

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