Singers! Appeal to Emotion With Integrity!

Music Is A Strong Appeal To Emotion

As singers and songwriters, part of our job is to find the kinds of people who will appreciate and be drawn to what we sing, how we sound, and who we are as artists.

So it is vitally important that we sing and write songs that truly represent where we stand in life.

If you are having a hard time finding your audience, or if you are just now at the point of taking your music out into the world....have a look at the messages in the songs that you have chosen to sing. Ask yourself...

First • Do I believe in these words? Do they speak for me?

Words have great power. Lyrics can penetrate deeply into the inner world of a listener. You may touch the deepest emotions in your audience. So ask yourself....

Second • Is this a message that I can be proud of?

The message of your music comes through not only words and melody but through instrumentation (your band), your onstage presentation (how you look and what you say) and so on. Can you stand behind how you present your musical self to an audience?

If your lucky answer is Yes! Then ask yourself one more question....

Third • Am I contributing something of unique value to my audience? Is this music REALLY, REALLY GOOD?

I am not speaking here to very young singers who are just beginning to find their unique style in music. I am speaking to those who are ready to present their work on a more professional level to an audience:

Are you giving them something truly memorable? When you appeal to emotion in your audience, will they be enthusiastic about how you make them feel? Will they be left with the need to tell others about your amazing music?

These are questions you must ask yourself both before and after you perform. Simply by asking these questions, you improve your chances of both finding an audience and satisfying their emotional needs.

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