A Christmas Music List for Singers Who Love Holiday Music! (2017)

Do You have a christmas music list for the holiday season?

If not, you could be missing out on important opportunities to perform and be heard by people - (friends and family and others) - who may not hear you at any other time.

Of course, I am assuming that you enjoy singing Holiday Season Music. By that I mean Christmas Songs, Chanukah Songs, Kwanzaa songs - music that is sung for the purpose of celebration during the December/January season.

If you enjoy singing this music - get busy on creating your Holiday Music List. Even in mid December, it is not too late to choose several holiday songs that you can sing at family occasions and many other opportunities that seem to magically come up during this time.

So... what could be on your list?

You may have your favorite songs. Here is a Christmas Music List that claims to have America's top Pop Christmas songs. There are many song-finding resources on the net. Just put Christmas Music List into Google and voila! More songs than you can imagine.

Perhaps you are willing to get a little more exotic and sing songs from another country? Not a bad idea to learn a song in a different language...(your grandmother's language, or your aunt's etc...) Top Holiday songs in Europe.

Chanukah - Here is a song
that has had a lot of listens
on YouTube-Pass the Candle.

And a song sung by Peter, Paul and Mary-Light One Candle.

Here is a list of one person's
Top Ten Chanukah songs.

Kwanzaa songs - If Kwanzaa is your holiday, look for lists like this that can introduce you to songs that may suit your style or voice. Here is a Kwanzaa song on YouTube.

It is so easy to say, "Nah, I don't sing that kind of music. It takes too much time and I would only sing it for a few weeks of the year."

But what a critical few weeks. More music is purchased during Nov/Dec/Jan than at any other time of the year!

You are not interested in selling music?

Then think of the great opportunities you may have to simply get up and sing for others! To get more experience using your vocal and performance abilities! We singers are usually dreaming of finding ways to get out there and sing. This time of year is that dream come true!

(At parties, in shopping malls, for family occasions, street carolling!)

Keep in mind that MANY people love to hear this kind of music during the season. You could easily bring new "fans" into your singing life at this emotional time of year.

People may love to experience the memories or the pride that comes with hearing this music. They may feel alone during the holiday season and this kind of music brings them comfort.

They may simply love the sound of the songs - even though they are not very religious or "into" Christmas, Chanukah, or Kwanzaa.

So if you are ready to perform and you are looking for the chance to do it, learn a few Holiday songs and get out there and sing!

I wish you GREAT Holiday SiNGING!

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