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Dream Of Singing?

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DO YOU LOVE TO SING? (Do you dream of singing? - but just cannot seem to get started?)
I can’t tell you the number of times that audience members (both men and women), have come to me after a concert to tell me that “secretly” they have always wanted to sing.

Perhaps they dreamed about it in their younger years. Maybe they began to study and learn about singing as teens. But then along came another career opportunity or marriage or motherhood and singing took a backseat and then exited the car altogether!

Professional pianists have admitted the same desire to me; as have doctors, social workers, marketing specialists, guitar players, massage therapists… The list goes on. I tell them what I am going to tell you. If you love to sing. if you dream of singing:

“Sing Now! Begin Now.”

EVERY ONE SHOULD SING! The benefits of learning to sing well outweigh what is spent in time or money. First and foremost, singing makes you feel good. Think about the joy you feel when you sing along with a song on the radio. Few human endeavors can compare to singing – to the feeling of powerful sound and rhythm flowing through our bodies. We singers are different from other musicians. We are our own instrument!

Here are but some of the many benefits from taking singing lessons:
• You learn how to stand with greater confidence and poise. (You look taller.)
•Your breathing changes – deepens. Your speaking voice becomes more powerful.
• You discover shades of feeling that you never knew you had.
• You learn how to express those feelings through song.
• You find the courage to sing in front of others; to present yourself with greater ease.
• You can walk into a crowded room with more assuredness.
In short, you become more fully yourself!

And your age does not matter. “Now” may be just the right time to satisfy your long-term desire to lift your voice in song; or to sing lullabies to your grandchildren; to record a few favorite songs for your family; to learn finally that you DO have a voice.

Then again, you might find that your deep desire to express a life-time of experience through music pushes you further along than you ever thought you could go.

One of my students, Claire Duchesneau, is 60. Four years ago she came back to singing after being years away from it. The desire to sing never left her. Now she is working on her 2nd CD of classic jazz songs.
Early response to her first CD (which I produced) has been very promising. And she will soon launch her second recording at a well-known jazz club in Montreal. Claire and I share the same attitude about singing – “It’s never too late to sing! If you love to sing, if you dream of singing, do it NOW!”


Those in their 60s will have different personal and vocal concerns than people in their 50s or 40s. Each decade has its own challenges and rewards. Still, no matter your age, you possess a lifetime of experience to share through song. And keep in mind that in the world of jazz, blues and folk music, the older singer is still treasured.

So if you love to sing and you have a strong desire to explore your voice even though you are no longer one of those 20-somethings we see on the Idol shows, here is a great way to get started!

GET STARTED ON YOUR DREAM! – 18-page E-Guide (PDF) also includes a 20 minute Vocal Warm-Up “tape” (MP3) called SING WITH ME! The MP3 contains 15 minutes of easy-to-follow singing exercises and 5 minutes of a sing-along song to get your singing juices flowing!

LISTEN TO A SAMPLE! …Here is a 2-minute demo of the “Sing With Me” Vocal Warm-Up: SING WITH ME! - short demo

“GET STARTED ON YOUR DREAM” is fun. It’s easy. It’s an inexpensive way to get you started on your dream!

Need more information? Sample some of the questions that are addressed in this Guide:
• I do dream of singing, but am I too old
• What about my health?
• What will my friends (and relatives) say?
• But I don’t hear as well as I used to. And to sing, I have to hear well, right?
• Could I consider having a “career” this late in my life?
• How do I find a good teacher?
• What can I expect at a lesson?
• What do I need to bring with me to a lesson?
• How much work will this take?
• What If I want to learn to sing by using one of the better known singing courses on CD or DVD?
• Okay. So how do I get started? What do I do first?

And here is what is contained in The SING WITH ME – VOCAL WARM-UP (20 minutes):
1. A 15-minute voice warm up that begins with a breathing exercise and continues with 4 vocal exercises:
• “Nooo” on a long-held note
• Yum yum yum
• Ee-Oo-You You You You
• Humming

2. Sing Along Song: “All Through The Night” - (5-min.) A Welsh folk song from the 1700’s. I chose this song for its beautiful, easy melody that many voice-types can enjoy. I hope you enjoy singing along after you have warmed up your glorious voice!

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Get Started On Your Dream – E-Guide and Vocal Warm up

I Wish You Great Singing!

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