Facial Emotions Are A Singer's Secret Power!

TO OBSERVE YOUR OWN FACIAL EMOTIONS - Take A Powerful Test - The Photo Shoot!

I had photos taken recently for a new project that I have been working on as the producer of a CD of jazz songs by a Montreal singer/songwriter.

I hadn't done a photo shoot for quite a long time. And I looked forward to this with some trepidation because I know that finding just the right expression for a really good photo is not easy. Especially if you want a very specific feeling.

While a professional photographer will help you with that, I am not suggesting that you pay the big dollars to have a photo taken just to experiment with your facial emotions.

Instead, ask a friend take a bunch of shots of you so that you can take your time - laugh while you do it - and try different things in a relaxed atmosphere.


This is something that even you seasoned singers can do now and then to re-discover your expressive face. Our faces and our expressive ability change over time. We can get into facial and/or physical habits that may need to be observed and re-thought.

Here is what I suggest for a very informative and fun practice shoot:
Borrow a digital camera, if you do not own one. Ask a (good) friend to come over for a few hours to take "singer" pictures of you. Get out some performance-oriented clothing that you would use for a show. And start working.

Take facial pictures:
- in different poses
- with a variety of expressions in mind
- while you are sitting and standing
- while you are singing
- in several outfits
- indoors
- outdoors
- without makeup
- with makeup
- in natural light (the sun coming into the room)
- with a light (any light) shining on your face

The list goes on.... (use your imagination).


Aim for shots that ask for specific kinds of emotion. Happy, sad, fierce, tired, angry, desperate... etc.

One way that I "find" an expression is by thinking about or actually singing a few phrases from a song that get me into that particular feeling. Then I stop singing and the camera shoots.

This is a fun and very helpful lesson in how to create facial emotions that express the real "you." After you have finished with the "face-only" photos, take some shots of your whole body - standing, sitting, singing, posing, etc.

Then take a deep breath - load the photos into your computer - and have a good close look at your expressions; both facial and full physical.

Celebrate your own beauty! And look for ways to become even more fully expressive.

(In the photo below, photographer, Angela Chan and I were looking for a warm and sensuous, "prime of a woman's life" shot.... I like how the wind picks up the scarf and blows it into a form-fitting shape that is interesting to look at while it suggests a feeling of "freedom.")

I wish you powerful facial emotions and great singing!

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