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You can find the first "All About Singing" Podcast !HERE!

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What kind of free Vocal Training will you recieve in this PODCAST?

1. Interested in a mysterious way to make your singing lessons MUCH MORE FUN? (PSST) Every heard of "clearing the energy" in the room?

2. Voice expert, Meribeth Dayme also tells us about her unique approach to "serious" singing lessons that involves a lot of PLAY! For example, think of 10 different ways that you can sing an ordinary 5-note scale that makes the exercise new and creative and not so difficult...(jazzy, dotted, backwards, bebop...)

3. Interested in a REALLY FRESH way to deal with - !!!HELP!!! - STAGE FRIGHT!

Imagine that you are so used to using your performing "muscles" - it is so much a part of your daily routine - that walking onstage is a GREAT BIG JOY and not a struggle! This is just a small sample of the kinds of ideas, tools, tips and inspiration that you will hear in my conversation with Meribeth Dayme.

Once again, here. is the Podcast link - only for your ears this week. Next week, it will be launched on Itunes for general listening.

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The second "ALL ABOUT SINGING" Podcast

THE FELDENKRAIS METHOD & SINGING! For the "ALL ABOUT SINGING" PODCAST #2 - I spoke with Alan Fraser, a well-known pianist and a long-time practitioner of the Feldenkrais Method of body work.

We spoke about many issues that affect singers: how to stand to reduce tension, how to breathe, learning how to serve the needs of our souls....

I Wish You GREAT Singing!

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