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How About Helping A Singer You LOVE Build Their Own Dream Studio?

One of the most exciting gifts for singers is a piece of equipment that can enhance their "career" - whether he or she is a budding professional singer or songwriter or a serious amateur.

To read Part one of "A Singer's Dream Studio" that includes microphones, PA systems, amps and digital recorders - go here.

If you are a singer reading this... consider sending this URL to those in your life who may be looking for something to give to you that is both exciting and useful!
YOU know what will help you to become a successful singer. Often friends and family need a little help in choosing an appropriate gift.

This Week from "Gifts For Singers":

BOOKS on SONGWRITING - Here are my two favorites:

For someone who wants a really authentic, first-hand look into the songwriting process and the music industry itself, there is none better than Jimmy Webb's book: TuneSmith: Inside the Art of Songwriting


Webb has written some remarkable songs: MacArthur Park, The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress, By The Time I Get To Phoenix, Galveston... songs that have been sung by many well-known singers. He knows whereof he speaks. And he writes high quality material.

Considered a classic, Webb delivers a huge amount of insider information about songs that work and those that don't and why. As a "Tunesmith" of many timeless hits, Webb book is well worth the read. I have bought several copies both for myself and to give as gifts to aspiring songwriters.


And for those who want very detailed, easy-to-understand and day to day practical help, try the work of songwriter, Morgan Cryar, another hit-maker: HERE is his free songwriting course.
He also offers his Songwriting E-book on his own site.
It's pricey. But it is very good.

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