Two holiday gifts under 10 Dollars!

It is not easy to find holiday gifts under 10 dollars that can have real meaning for the recipient.

Gifts that support and encourage artistic development are just those kinds of offerings that can bring a priceless lift to the spirit during the holiday season.

If you have someone in your life who has often spoken about a desire to sing - perhaps she or he sings around the house a lot - this holiday gift under 10 dollars may be just the right item for your aspiring vocalist!

"GET STARTED ON YOUR DREAM!" (just 9.95 in my Gift Shop)

is an easy and fun entry into a singer's daily practice.
What does this gift contain?
An 18-page start-up Guide (PDF file) with answers to many of the questions that people ask when they are concerned about what it means to !YIKES! "start singing."

A 20-minute Vocal Warm Up (an MP3 file) that takes the new singer through a breathing exercise and several easy & fun vocal exercises. The warm up ends with a sing-along song that has a wonderful, simple melody that I believe everyone can sing.

“Get Started On Your Dream!” is a powerful way to say "Yes!" to the creative dreams of a friend, spouse or colleague.

But if this is a more substantial gift than you want to give at this time, here is another of those Holiday Gifts under 10 dollars that can speak volumes....

SING WITH ME! - Another unique Gift Idea Under $10!

The "Sing With Me" (Vocal Warm Up), at just $4.99, offers a beginning singer just the right amount of challenge and support to get the voice soaring. Singers are often surprised at how these simple vocal exercises can make a big difference in singing a song easily and well.

Read here what one singer had to say about his own experience with vocal warm ups.
(Last night I did simple major scales from low E to C just making different sounds to loosen/warm-up. I was shocked how it made an immediate difference both in keeping me from feeling tight and I actually sang a song that I generally did in a low key in a higher key...)

You see, a small thing like a few vocal exercises can make a big difference to a beginning singer's pleasure and confidence. "SING WITH ME" is an inexpensive way to say, "I hear you!"


If it is YOU who needs to be heard, then consider getting this vocal warm up for yourself. And then let me know how it works for you! Whatever you are doing in your life, I hope you still find time to sing now and then. It's great for the soul!

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