Finding the right "singerly" look for different Music/Ideas/Occasions


Last week, a close friend of mine took me to task over the video-introduction that I put on the home page of this web site.
She said, "It doesn't look like you or sound like you. Who is this person? She is not the elegant woman I know. In fact, your voice even sounds a bit seductive in the video. Not what I would expect on YOUR singing tips web site..."

I respect this woman. She's smart and savvy and a very good friend. So I thought carefully about what she had said. And then I redid the video (shot at my home in Mexico.) I posted the new version a few days ago. Here are the two contrasting versions (they are 49 seconds long...): Singing Tips Intro #1 and here is the current intro Singing Tips Intro #2.


Then to be safe, I created yet a third intro. Here is Singing Tips Intro #3. What do YOU think about these three options? Do you think the first was less appealing than the other two?

After I shot the new versions, I found that I agreed with my friend. The first version was not as open and friendly as I had hoped. And so, for this web site, I chose the close up version as the best introduction for the home page. It conveys the earnestness and approachability that I want for a very public Web site: a simple, direct statement. An unadorned "me" with whom I am very comfortable.

My hair is - yes, dyed, at my age, but it is not "done." I wear little makeup. And my dress (what you can see of it) is casually attractive, I think. (My friend also took exception to the rather low-cut dress I wore in the initial intro. I chose that dress because I was shooting the video in the heat of Mexico. I did not think it would appear as "seductive." Live and learn...)

What does this "HOW DO I LOOK?" theme
have to do with YOU?

As singers, we have to think about what we want to convey through our songs. And be sure that photos, video clips and all other PR materials support the music we have chosen.

(In my case, for this web site, I was looking for the right vocal/coach video appearance to present to other singers [like yourself, perhaps] so that viewers would get to know me quickly as a trustworthy educator.)

But the same applies to you as a singer - amateur or professional. You need to think about how well your photos, your clothing, your "look," expresses/explains your style of music to your potential audience.

When someone looks at your photo/video, do they see the YOU that YOU want to convey?

Even if you do not intend to perform very much, this photo-question can be a valuable exercise. "What does my photo/video/MP3/clothing say about me? And do I like the image I am presenting? Is this who I want to be?"


I must admit that I really like to explore various aspects of myself when I perform. I like to wear wigs and use props that will help me to better convey the humor, grief, joy, lightness of spirit... etc. in my songs. (The picture on the right is one of my wacky operatic characters.)

I hope that my singing will be both pleasurable and bring deep meaning to listeners. And I'd like everyone to have fun in the process.

I wish you great singing!

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