How To Improve Your Singing Today!

Wondering how to improve your singing right now? Here are two simple tips that can help you approach singing with a better state of mind and begin your warm up with more confidence.

1. State of mind.
2. Your first warm up of the day.

View the video below and read the text underneath the video for more explanation.

How to improve your singing:

1. State of Mind - Over my many years of being both a singer and a teacher of singing, I have come to know the importance of starting my singing day in a good state of mind.

I try a variety of ways to clear my head before I begin to sing. One of the easiest and most useful ways is through breathing.

Some Olympic althletes use this process to stay focussed and to ward off fear.

Try this:
Close your eyes. Now breathe.

As you breathe, with your inner eye, "watch" your breath going in and out.

Keep breathing. In and out. Your eyes are closed. You feel the air moving into and through your nose, and then down into your lungs. Then on the exhale, follow it with your mind - moving out again. This is "conscious" breathing.

While you are doing this, you may notice that it is not as easy to think other thoughts. Your focus, on the simple act of breathing, takes up most of your thought processes. You leave behind the older thoughts that were hovering in your mind.

And so you prepare to sing with deep, full and "conscious" breaths, which is useful for better singing. Plus, you have changed (hopefully, improved) your state of mind.

• Mantras - Teachers of meditation sometimes suggest that having a mantra is a good entry into a calmer state of mind.

In singing, I use a mantra to bring to mind a set of good feelings - or an idea the gives me a strong feeling of focus. My two mantras are "Have Fun!"and "The Present Is The Point Of Power."

I like "Have Fun!" because I tend to be rather serious and these two words lighten me up magnificently.

"The Present Is The Point Of Power says to me that no matter what has happened in the past, NOW is only the moment that counts. I have the power right NOW to be my bigger self.

You may want to find your own short saying that will grab your emotional attention and put you in a good frame of mind!

2. Improve your singing with a Wise Approach to warming up. Start with simple and build up slowly...

Your First Warm Up - choose a warm up that you do easily and well. Start off your singing day with confidence.

In the video, I show you 3 exercises that you can try as your entry into warming up. But you will find your own exercises that give you both pleasure and strength.

I wish you focussed and confident singing!

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