Wondering About How To Sing Well?

Voice Expert, Meribeth Dayme Shares Some Secrets That Could Improve Your Singing!

Singing is a mysterious business. The answers about how to sing well can come from different directions.

We singers can stand onstage and create magic with our bodies. We can have people standing in the isles clapping and dancing or leaning forward in their seats hanging on to every note.

People cry while we sing. They laugh while we sing...

It is a great gift to be able to spend our lives singing. And according to voice expert Meribeth Dayme, there is also a lot of mystery in our ability - mystery that we can come to understand much better if we broaden our approach to the vocal art.

Learn How To Sing Well by looking into the Mystery

According to Dayme, who has founded a process called CoreSinging™, we singers experience ¨a mysterious connection with the physical, metaphysical, mental, emotional, psychological, psychic, and spiritual dimensions of the human being including the life force, the mind and the earth´s natural energies.¨

She feels that our ability to sing and perform can be enhanced by exploring these different aspects of life: ¨We live in a kind of pea-soup of energies moving around us, in and out of us all the time.¨

Because singing is a vibration, an energy, this makes it easier to look at the art in broader terms.

...Think about how YOU feel when you sing for an audience. At your best, you likely feel that you ¨connect¨ with your audience - in part through the vibration that is created when your breath meets your vocal cords.

Think about how your favorite singer made YOU feel when you heard him or her in a performance. Likely, he/she filled the concert hall or club with an energy that you could absorb from many feet away.

Quite a mystery, isn´t it? And worth learning about so that you too can become a more powerful performer.

Listen to Meribeth Dayme talk about these and other exciting ways to sing better in this short interview. How to sing well - Meribeth Dayme Interview

Have a look at Meribeth Dayme´s excellent books, Dynamics of the Singing Voice, The Performer´s Voice and several other books and CDs that I can fully recommend! 

I wish you great singing!

barbara lewis

Barbara Lewis specializes in working with gifted children, professional singers & actors, and older singers who are returning to singing or just beginning to live their dream.

To consult with her about your voice or specific vocal problem, send her an e-mail here.

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