3 Tips To Improve Your Singing Voice

There are numerous ways to improve your singing voice. Here are 3 tips whose subjects are often overlooked.

1. Reduce the amount of talking you do before you sing or warm up.

If you are a person who talks a lot - (No, you are not alone, there are many of us like that in the singing world!) - you can noticeably improve your singing voice by talking less before you warm up and/or perform.

I ask the people who study with me to come to their lessons with as fresh a voice as possible. In the singing world, we call this ¨keeping the bloom on your voice.¨

In our daily lives, when we talk casually, we do not tend to practice good breathing or good posture. We often speak too loudly and we strain to be heard over life´s constant noise.

This day to day wear and tear can easily ¨take the bloom off the voice.¨ Or in other words, those fragile vocal cords and the muscles that keep them vibrating can simply get tired.

When possible, do your warm ups early in the day. But if you must practice at night, try to stay quiet for an hour or so before singing so that your throat and breathing muscles have calmed down from the day´s work.

Then it will be easier to sing with a rested voice and a mind capable of quiet concentration. And remember! Have a cool head and a warm heart.

2. Imagine that your singing self is like this tree on the right.

You have a strong centre - your BODY. And from that strong centre grow the many elements that it takes to sing well. Among them: your musical understanding, your inspiration, your goals and dreams, your performance ability, your willingness to persist, your endurance, your strong and well-built voice...

Notice that all these powerful elements should be generated from a well-cared-for body. We singers often forget that without a reasonable amount of exercise, good nutrition, and a healthy out look on life, the body cannot be at its best and it is likely that the voice will suffer.

Care for your body and you will definitely improve your singing voice.

3. Watch how you think.

It is quite normal for we musicians and other artists to suffer doubts and to feel exasperated with the state of our art at times. When you find that you are in one of those energy-draining states of mind where you are wondering why you even bother trying to sing, do this... laugh at those thoughts.

Really! Laugh out loud! Say to yourself, ¨There I go again. I´m hilarious!¨

Give those thoughts a few minutes (no more than 10) to circulate in your mind. Then laugh and let them go.

We singers can waste a huge amount of time and energy feeling bad about our work. These thoughts are going to arise in our minds. But put a limit on the negative feelings. And then get back to work.

A sense of humor about our own bad humor is one of the best ways to flush negative thinking. Just another simple way to indirectly improve your singing voice!

I Wish You Great Singing!

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