5 Practical Ways To Overcoming Stage Fright

Overcoming stage fright takes time and some creative effort. But in my experience as a singer and singing teacher for over 25 years, I have observed that with the right approach, most of us can successfully control and/or dramatically reduce the negative feelings associated with stage fright.

In short, YOU can overcome stage fright!

A clinical psychologist at the Yeshiva University in New York. Shara Sand, (who is also a trombone player) says: "What primitively is going on is that there's a kind of exposure and vulnerability.”

She explains that even though we know that there is no great danger to us, still we experience the physical signs of imminent danger: our mouths get dry, our hearts pound furiously, our hands get sweaty and may even shake, our breathing patterns change, and of course, there is the constant desire to go to the bathroom.

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So how do we think about overcoming stage fright?

1. Are you really ready to perform?

2. Have you tested the shallower waters?

3. Do you have purpose for your performance?

4. Are you continually developing your voice?

5. Do you know a variety of stay/calm stay/focused techniques?


Sometimes your feelings of stage fright are your body’s way of telling you that you are not yet ready to perform in public. Be sure that you have chosen something to sing that is within your present vocal abilities and that you have learned the piece(s) well.

2. HAVE YOU TESTED THE SHALLOWER WATERS? (As in, don’t try the tough crowd until you’ve until you’ve sung for the gentler audience)

Time, patience and practice help in overcoming stage fright.So let’s assume that you have prepared yourself well and you are singing music that is right for you. You had a chance to perform, and OH NO! you were slayed, you were crushed by stage fright. You found yourself saying, “Never again!”

What now?

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What do I mean by purpose?

Here’s my purpose in singing: I choose to sing and/or write songs that have something to say that I strongly believe in and that I think could be of value to others. When I walk onstage, I need to know that what I am singing has this underlying purpose.

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4. Are you continually developing your voice?
5. Do you know a variety of stay/calm stay/focused techniques?

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I wish you calm, focussed and vibrant singing!

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