Genuine, Heart-felt Romantic Words Can Re-Vitalize Your Love-Life!


Are Romantic Words the key to a person's heart? Perhaps not the "key." But I suspect that if more heartfelt words were spoken between couples, hearts would be more open, faults would be more easily forgiven, and lives would be happier.

Are you in a relationship with someone who finds it difficult to speak endearing and love-filled words to you?

Many people find it very hard to say what is in their heart. Not all of us have the same capacity to speak out loud what we are feeling.


I believe, (at least this is true of myself), that we all share a strong need to hear love words from our life-partners. I think that speaking these words is a healing act in itself for the one who voices them. And hearing them gives each of us a huge boost.

There are many ways to build deep connections with others. (Touch is very important, too!) But words are a wonderfully powerful tool.

As a vocalist who sings (and thinks) a lot about love and passion,

I offer you a few suggestions about helping your loved one to give voice to his or her deeper romantic feelings. And in doing that, give YOU more of the romantic fuel you need to stay deeply connected:<p>

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1. Understand that some people cannot speak out loud what they feel - for all sorts of reasons.

2. YOU be the one to start the process by taking the time and energy to give voice to your feelings of joy and gratitude about having someone special to love. Tell him or her often - daily even. (These daily acts are not necessarily big professions of never-ending love. They can be little spontaneous offerings. Look inside the heart below for a few suggestions.)

3. At a tender moment, and without casting any blame, let your lover know that hearing words of love from him or her is very important to you.

4. Encourage your lover to write down the words that s/he cannot say. Writing is a powerful act in itself. You do not have to be a "writer" to find real liberation in getting down on paper what is going on in your head.

5. YOU also write down how you feel about your mate. Consider leaving short endearing notes on the table for him or her to discover when they come home from work.

6. Be genuinely grateful to have the opportunity to learn how to love another person. So many people are looking for someone to love in this world. If you have found your girl or guy, allow yourself to be happy about that. And begin to improve your relationship with real happiness in your heart.

7. Have compassion for your mate and for yourself. We humans are rather frail creatures when it comes to heart issues. Try to be your best person for your mate. And that will encourage him/her to do the same for you.

I write these words, not as an expert in the field. But as person who is also learning daily how to love my mate. I see it as a life-long process.

P.S. Perhaps YOU are the one who just cannot find the right feeling, the right moment or the right words to speak to someone about whom you REALLY do have strong romantic feelings.
Here's a suggestion: Write down what you feel. Even if you stumble a bit, try to find simple words that express what you have in your heart. And give that paper to your loved one.

Even this small act can bring light to a lover's heart - if the words come from a place of genuine feeling.

Don't neglect your loved one's need to hear these tender words often - even daily. Not just on Valentine's Day. Commit yourself to gradually getting better at this vital part of love "making."

Here are a few more: Romantic Words and Actions to Keep Your Love Glowing!

I wish for you all the love you desire. And much joy in speaking and in hearing spoken - deeply romantic words.

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