Singing High Notes - When You Want An Exciting but Quiet Climax in Your Song...

Singing high notes that are well-controlled and NOT always SHOUTED is a skill that many singers find difficult to acquire.

For those vocalists who only use the belting voice, the highest notes will usually have to be loud or louder!

To sing high notes with control - so that you can CHOOSE your volume level - requires that you use the right MIX of sound. In other words, you must know how to use your head voice.

"Singing After Forty" Video Lesson #7: Take a look at my latest video that deals with this challenge of singing high notes - with control. (Or view the video beneath this text...)


I think it is easier to understand how to sing these notes by watching it in action - but here are few pointers to get you thinking before you view the video...

1. Practice moving from a lower note to a higher note. An octave (or 8-note) leap is a good starting place. (If you do not understand this language, have a look at the video. You will hear how the exercise is done.)

2. The lower note needs to be sung with some volume (ie:"MF" or medium loud) so that you have a good foundation from which to move into the quieter, higher note.

3. The movement (opening) of your jaw should be smooth as you sing from one note to the other.

4. The first note and second should be in a mixed voice or head voice.

5. You "know" in your mind that both notes are very close together. You are not reaching for the second note. You open your mouth smoothly and "stretch" the sound from the first to the second note.

Now WATCH THE VIDEO! And much of this information will become more clear.

I wish you great HIGH NOTE singing!

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