Singing Techniques That Help You Avoid The Wild Side!

Some singing techniques are used more to make an impression that to create a good result.

When we see a singer "hit" a high note with a mouth open wide enough to fit a grapefruit - (if they sing the note pretty well) - we are impressed not only by the note, but by the wild "look" of the note.

"Wow, that was amazing!" we think. "Look at the effort it takes to sing that note. I sure wish I could do that!" And we try to imitate both the look and the feel of what we have seen.

But often these extreme singing techniques are unreliable. What is sometimes required is the calmer, more calculated approach. Today I am going to show you how to think about executing a wide leap in a melody - without any excess drama.


In this "Sing With Me" Video (#5), I give you an example of ways to approach singing that will likely be more reliable and more effective for regular use.

After you have mastered the quieter approach, then you can think about creating the dramatic look that an audience loves to witness!

In this example, I show you how to move from one note to another note that is an octave (8-notes) higher. There are (at least) two mental tricks to this vocal "leap."

• Trick number 1: is to NOT think of this movement as a leap. Instead, think of singing the same note - twice.

• Trick number 2: Use only the vowels found in the words - not the full words as you practice this singing technique. When you feel that singing the vowels alone has helped you to bring those two notes closer together in both your mind and your voice, then sing using the real words - while still thinking vowel to vowel.

Imagine that those two notes are next to each other - not an octave apart!

• Watch the video below to hear a third way to think about a leap that will make the notes easier and more reliable.

You should understand more when you view the video. See you next time!

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