Can you really teach yourself to sing?

The short answer is, Yes! Of course!

Think about this...
For those of us who have the option of taking singing lessons with someone we really like. We probably see that person, on average, once a week - for about one hour.

That leaves many, many hours during which we are on our own. Some of those hours, if we are really keen on singing, will be devoted to learning how to do it.

We practice the things we learned in the most recent lesson. Or we listen to or watch the audio or video tape of the lesson and make notes. Or we listen to other singers and study what they do.

Perhaps we read a book about singing or we search the net for good singing-related information. We might venture out and talk with other aspiring or well-known singers whose opinions also may help us learn more about how to sing... You see where I am going with this?

Even if you are taking lessons, you must spend most of your time teaching yourself how to sing.


I can hear you saying, ¨That´s not really teaching myself, because in this example, I would have a teacher.¨

Yes, that´s true. And I do believe that one-on-one instruction is the best way to learn how to sing.

Still, if you cannot have a teacher, for whatever reason, you will still need to do much of the teaching work on your own. And what you can do is find your own focal point (in place of a singing lesson) around which to do all of this self-teaching.


For example: You can take a lesson online each week. There are some very good instructional videos on the net, many for free. Or you can buy a singing course on CD or DVD and work at it in your own time at home.

Read here about my online video lessons: BOOST YOUR VOICE!

And around that daily or weekly lesson you take online, or from CD, you also must do many other kinds of things to keep your learning fresh and alive. (Read from the top again if you need a few examples...)

Can you learn to sing in this way? I believe you can, yes. I have met many singers who have had lessons here and there - who sing in clubs and festivals (or they are soloists in a church) - who come to me for a little boost now and then.

They sing quite well, and simply need some professional feedback to keep themselves on track. By this, I mean a lesson or two every few weeks or a series of 5 weekly lessons every few months.

What YOU will do about YOUR singing depends, in part upon how important singing is to your life.


If you yearn to become a professional singer, then taking one-on-one singing lessons with a fine teacher who loves and understands your style of music is truly your best choice.

The interaction between you and a well-established teacher is not only good for your singing, but your teacher will also help you to build a network of people in various areas of the music industry who may help you in one way or another.

Still, in the end, YOU are your best and most reliable teacher. You must find many ways to bring out your own unique voice. Can you teach yourself to sing? Yes, you must. It´s a lifetime´s work. A great life-purpose!


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