3 Quirky Tips On Singing - THINK VOCAL HEALTH!

TEETH - the first of your 3 quirky tips on singing.

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When you mention singing and health, most singers are not going to think about their teeth.

But wait a minute! Your teeth are front and center when you sing. Not only is it appealing to see well-cared-for teeth on a singer, (I´m not referring to the hyper-white look...); but teeth also play a vital part in the ¨ring¨ in a singer´s face - one of the elements that gives each singer his or her unique tone.

What´s That Buzzing In My Face?

When your teacher asks you, ¨Do you feel the sound buzzing in your face?¨ The buzzing that s/he is referring to is created by bone conduction (the vibrating bones of your face and head), your sinus cavities, and to some degree, your teeth. So your teeth, in good shape, are important to your singing.

But beyond that issue, your teeth may also be very important to the health of your heart. And we all know how important our hearts are to our singing. There is some evidence that poor dental care can lead to heart problems. Surprising, isn´t it? So singers, look after your teeth.

If you are interested in a little more detail, read here: Love your teeth/Love your heart.

What´s so quirky about ears?

Well, most of us understand how important good hearing is to singing. It is pretty much accepted as fact that to sing a note well, we have to be able to hear the note.

But there are many who do not realize that it may be due to hearing loss that they cannot sing certain notes that should be available in their vocal range.

When I am working with a singer who has problems singing the same notes time and again, I try first to eliminate any obvious technical problems with mouth opening, soft palate, tongue, stiffness in jaw and neck muscles, etc.

If all those things do not help much over time, I suggest that the singer have an audiogram.

Once it has been established that there really is a loss of hearing, then the vocalist and I can get on with finding ways to overcome the vocal problems that may result from this loss. So do not despair if this is you! We hear in many unusual ways...

And this is the 3rd of these quirky tips on singing. Imagine this! That you can hear with your entire body! Even with the smallest part of a digit.

HEAR THIS! A fascinating musician tells us about how to listen with the tip of your little finger!



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