The True Meaning Of Success For a Singer

So, what is the true meaning of SUCCESS?

I don't believe that there is a "true meaning," unless we say that what success means is different for each person and is a moving target in a person´s life.

So the more important question may be: "What is the true meaning of success for you - at this very point in your life?"

It's helpful to have a long term dream: I want to "sing on TV" or "record a CD" or "sing at my sister´s wedding", or "get into that great choir..." or "ace my upcoming audition" or ultimately, "make a good living with my voice."


These long term desires can give you energy and motivation, but they can also break your heart if you yearn for them daily - because often it can take a long, long time to get there. And you will go through MANY other kinds of daily, weekly, monthly successes before you reach what is now seen to be your "final" goal.

And the many daily/weekly successes need to be cherished and enjoyed in order to keep your artistic soul intact. In other words, you must love the person - YOU! - who is moving through life, moment to moment. Love who you are right now, and move forward into who you will be - with some lightness of spirit.


So, what is the meaning of success for YOU...Today? Or this week?...

For example:
For me, today, success will mean doing a focussed vocal practice for 30 minutes. Then I will continue to learn a new Spanish song that I am hoping to sing soon. If I can do an hour of really concentrated practice, then I have been successful, on my own terms.

Two observations:
1. Much of success is very personal.
2. Public success comes only after we have met and savored many personal successes.

Over time, as I add up my daily, weekly, monthly successes, other people who hear me will see that I am singing new music and that I am keeping my voice in good shape. But most people will never know what it took to accomplish that... Only I know that I have worked through MANY, MANY successes to stand in that place at that time and sing as I do.

Here are a few highlights from a recent show. A few minutes onstage, after hours and hours of working through many smaller successes....

I Wish You Great Singing!

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