Why Is Communication Important? - Especially If You Are A Singer?

Why is communication important?
For singers, communication is everything.

I think that most of us are in the "business" of singing because we have a need to communicate "something" that is important to us through our singing voices.

For some, it may be simply this: "I'm alive and I want you to know about me...hear me."

For others, there can be very specific things that they need to communicate through music. For example, Claire Duchesneau sang a lot in her earlier years. But only now, with the launch of her first CD, "Not Until Today," (which I produced), is she becoming better known as a public performer. Her message is about the healing power of music. She also talks about her struggle with loss of hearing.

On her Web site she writes: "I am overjoyed by the prospect of being able to continue to enjoy music despite my hearing loss. I hope my story can inspire and motivate others with hearing loss to recapture their own joy of music."

Why is Communication Important for LAURYN HILL?

Last week, the well-known, yet illusive singer, Lauryn Hill performed in my home town of Montreal. She last made an appearance in 2002 at the Montreal Jazz Festival.

But overall, Hill does not perform or record very much. She does not do the kinds of things that star performers usually do in order to keep their fans hungry for more. She is also notoriously late to come onstage. And last week's show was no different. (She walked onstage at 12:30 for a 9:30 performance.)

Still, the people who have "connected" with her music seem to forgive her. Why? I believe that it is the great power of her ability to "communicate" a strong message to her listeners. Here is what one young woman wrote who attended the show:

"After waiting a couple of hours for Lauryn to come on stage, the second she walked out it sent shivers up and down my spine. I've been a fan of hers for so many years, so just being in the same room with her was extremely exciting.

Lauryn Hill is one of the first artists that I really connected to on a personal and soulful level. Her lyrics are so honest and genuine and often just so deeply personal and they reel me in every time. She sings about so many different issues whether it be her own life or world affairs and she seems to have such an amazing perspective on things.

Seeing her in concert made me feel even more connected. Many people were upset about her tardiness and her changed versions of the songs. But for me, these things didn't take much away from the show. It was an experience I'll cherish for a long time and definitely never forget." - Steph Pakis

So here is a young woman who "connected" with Hill many years ago. And despite not seeing her in a long, long time, she still felt the power of that first connection or communication.

Why is communication important? Well, for one thing, you hope over time to build a lasting and appreciative audience.

Here are a few things to consider:

1. Develop your musical talents so that they serve the ideas you want to communicate.

2. Communicate that message in such a compelling way that you have the best chance of "connecting" deeply with your listeners.

3. Stay true to your beliefs.
In doing this, you may be able maintain your fan base for a long time, no matter how often or rarely they see you.

4. What you say through music is important. Stand for something that has value and others are more likely to stand with you.

I wish you great, compelling singing that truly communicates!

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