Zindra Zee Zee, Zeethoven &
Zara Zee Zee mOOn.
Zany online video series
that teaches singing with humor & zing!
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© Barbara Lewis

The characters Zindra Zee Zee and Zeethoven are taken from a music theatre show and accompanying picture book called, "Book Of Dreams" that Barbara Lewis co-wrote and performed for several years on stage.

In the story, Zindra Zee Zee and Zeethoven travel from place to place to help young people (especially singers) who are in danger of losing their dreams.

Their business card reads:

"Where ever dreams die, we fly!" 

Zindra Zee Zee is very fond of her pink hair. She has had the ends dyed white so that her venerable age is more apparent as she teaches young people about the art and business of singing. Professor Zeethoven, as you can see, is smitten with her.

Zindra Zee Zee has a very eclectic taste in music. She draws from many sources in her lessons from all over Earth and from other more distant cultures as well. It is rumored that she is a uniquely and somewhat mysteriously powerful force in the world of music.

Professor Zeethoven is a highly acclaimed professor of music. He works tirelessly with Zindra ZeeZee to create unique and captivating singing lessons for their many viewers. Zindra and Zeethoven have worked and travelled together for more years than they care to mention. They are a formidable team.

Zara Zee Zee is Zindra's twin sister. She is a long-time professional singer. 

She is a little bit "spacy," but Professor Zeethoven helps to keep her grounded. Zindra often asks Zara to join her and Professor Zeethoven in her online classes to demonstrate interesting vocal sounds and techniques to the children who are enrolled in the classes.

ZARA'S stage name is
Zara Zee Zee mOOn.

Barbara Lewis holds the copyright (©1990) for the music & lyrics for "Book Of Dreams,"
and for the story and characters
in both the play and the book.