Beginner Songwriting


Here is your first free beginner songwriting tip for those who are just starting out... no matter your age!

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Step One:

Spend 15 or 20 minutes listening to several of your favorite songs.

These should be songs that you would like to have written. As you listen, let the feeling of the song wash over you. Listen to the melody. Listen to the words. Feel how you are taken on an emotional journey.

No need to write anything down. Just "feel" your way through these songs.

Step Two:

Then go to another room where you can be alone and quiet. If you cannot do this in your home, go and sit in the car or in a park. You need quiet time alone to let your mind be free.

You should have:

- a piece of paper and a pen or pencil; also a recorder of some sort, perhaps an MP3 player that will record your voice, or a cassette recorder.

Give yourself this goal: "I want to write a song that is inspired by the songs I just heard. First, I want to hear some of my new melody." (or a few lyrics, your choice!)

Lie or sit still with your eyes closed for about 15 minutes. Let your mind think quietly about the music you want to create. Don't force anything - just think quietly about it... and listen...

If your mind wanders away from your goal, gently bring it back.

Whatever comes to you - lyrics or music, write it down and/or record it. But, if you do not "hear" a bit of your melody or lyrics, don't worry. Try again tomorrow. This kind of quiet, creative work takes patience. But it will pay off.

Each time you do this creative exercise, you should find that your song continues to take shape.

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Notes on Tip #1 for Beginner Songwriting

Remember - your mind is your friend. Give it some peace and some time, and great ideas will come to you.

Know this! Believe this!

Try to repeat this creative process two or three times a week. It doesn't take long to listen to your favorite music and then listen to your own mind. You will find that great ideas come to you when you give your mind space.

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Books on Music Theory for Beginner Songwriting

If you are a new songwriter with little knowledge of music theory, think simple.

Go to your nearest music store and look for a book that gives you a very basic approach to learning music. Or look on Amazon for a beginner's music theory book.

Spend time with the book every day, if possible. But feel no pressure to learn fast. Just enjoy the process. You have time.

I wish you great songwriting!

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