Christine Shorter

by Christine Shorter
(Pleasanton, Ca)

I love what you are doing with your talent, experience, and passion. Thx so much for bringing this trio to all of us out here in the virtual world.

I am retired Air Force and have sung all my life, but mostly for personal pleasure and secondly in group format(s). I now want to venture out in solo at the ripe age of 58.

You are an inspiration to me. My husband of 24 years had a massive heart attack this past summer that required octo-bipass surgery. It was a surreal time for us both but he is well and recovering ahead of schedule. I am so sorry for your loss. Your story is sad yet hopeful.

Your advice on vocal teachers/coaches is so right on. I currently see two different folks for lessons and they couldn't be any different than yin and yang. With that said, I do receive different info/feedback from each that helps me along this journey.

But, there is also the dilemma of one contradicting what the other may or may not be teaching/sharing.....has anyone else experienced this?

You mention singing in groups - I am discovering that solo singing is much different than say a choir, barbershop quartet, or even theatrical. At times, I feel like I am "unlearning" ineffective habits from the past. Anyone else?

Thx for this format to reach out and I plan on nurturing this relationship(s) for a long time coming.


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