A Deep Breathing Technique from the Yoga-Inspired Feldenkrais Method!

Alan Fraser explains a deep breathing technique in this week's short video on singing, posture and breathing.

Go HERE to gain valuable insight from the Feldenkrais point of view about how small changes in the way we stand can have powerful impact on how we sound and feel as singers.

In case you cannot hear all of the words in the video, here is a transcript of what Alan has to say as he demonstrates the kinds of postural changes he requests from singers...

TRANSCRIPT from 2-minute video:
Alan first shows how a classical ballet dancer might stand and then he says...

“I am almost haughty in my demeanor and proud and upright. But actually there’s a lot of tension in my lower back holding me that open.

And so in a Feldenkrais lesson, you might through tiny, tiny little movements through the spine – little extensions, inflections you might be able to actually come to a sense of self standing where it’s not forced open - not of course depressed, but somewhere in the middle where the actual bones of the spine, the vertebra are doing the work of stacking themselves up with one another to a natural openness."

"And when I bring a singer to that – sometimes I can do it (not even in a lying-down Feldenkrais lesson), but with just a few minutes of work – guiding their hips a little this way and that – just seeing where the ribs are…

All of a sudden they are standing where they feel a little bit more like a monkey. Their behind is slightly out here. Now often someone will be standing like this and I’ll bring them to here… and they’ll feel like they are way forward. Because of course they are not calibrated yet. They are not used to the neutral vertical.

However, when that tension releases in the lower back, then the breathing deepens and the tone of the voice just opens, deepens and widens and gets more color…”

Now to watch Alan in action see the "VIDEO" HERE.

To listen to the "All About Singing" PODCAST that features a full interview with Alan Fraser - go HERE.

The founder of Feldenkrais, Moshe Feldenkrias said this: "Every thought and emotion finds its expression in movement. By changing the way we move, we can change the way we feel."

What do YOU think about that statement?

I Wish You Great Singing!

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