Diaphramatic Breathing

An Expert in Feldenkrais Bodywork Helps Singers Improve Their Voices (Often very quickly!)

Welcome to the 2nd "All About Singing" PODCAST!

Diaphramatic breathing is one of the many ideas we discuss in this 20-minute chat.


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Alan Fraser, who currently lives with his young daughter in Serbia, talked with me from his parents' home in Prince Edward Island on the east coast of Canada.

A practitioner of the Feldenkreis method of bodywork, Alan talks about how even very small changes in how we stand and move can make big changes in how our voices sound.

Here are several IMPORTANT ideas that Alan and I discuss:

the "cash register" jaw – ways to deal with a jaw that juts out

strain or undue tension in the breathing muscles

The Alexander technique - another well-known technique that improves how we move

A simple exercise to see how our breath deepens when our balance changes (lying on your side….)

finding the freedom to sing from the "soul"

If you did not watch the short video clip of Alan explaining about how he helps singers to reduce the wrong kind of tension in breathing.... watch the VIDEO


And, once again, the PODCAST is HERE!

And to read while you listen, go HERE.

I Wish You Great Singing!

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