by Jeanne
(Trinity, Florida)

I am now 63, a retired RN & I sing in 2 choruses.
I have had classical voice training the past 5 years-as a Second Soprano & now recent choral Directors want a much less vibrato sound. One moved me, briefly, to Alto section due to the weight of my voice.
I think the resonance in my voice has increased with training & vibrato sounds more pronounced especially on higher notes. I think breath control may be key, perhaps lightenning higher notes? I think my tone is too forced @ times. I enjoy singing Broadway,Torch & Blues songs.I have been lowering the keys I sing my songs.

I would request input from others on breath control as one ages and keeping tone of voice pleasant, as one ages.
Thank you,

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Oct 11, 2012
a couple more suggestions...
by: Barbara Lewis

me again, Jeanne,

I think that for this kind of technical work, it would be good for you to take a few lessons with a good voice teacher in your area, if you are able. It's not easy to make these kinds of vocal changes on your own.

I will soon create a video that deals with some of the things that trouble older singers...
Watch for it on the web site!


Oct 11, 2012
Suggestions for a heavy top range
by: Barbara Lewis

Hi Jeanne,

Good to read your comment.
The vocal cords do change as we age. They can become more brittle - less flexible. Sometimes that is actually helpful to the sound because the cords vibrate with less mass and therefore stay in tune more easily.

But if your voice is becoming heavier and developing a more obvious vibrato, I suggest that you focus on keeping a slimmer vowel as you move to the top. Be careful that you don't cramp the vowel in your throat. Your jaw needs to stay loose and your tongue relaxed as you move up the scale.

As an example of an exercise: Use EE in an arpeggio - your mouth will open for the space needed as you rise, your tongue remains low, but you keep the EE in your mind and throat. This often results in less density in the vocal cords and a faster vibrato.
I will think on this some more and give you more suggestions ...
Bringing the keys of your songs down a bit is a good idea too. However, if your vowels are getting too "fat" on top, the same thing may happen lower down as well.
More soon...
Barbara Lewis

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