If you are looking for New Years Ideas to boost your singing dreams, consider this...

For many years, I lived in a small lake-home in the wilderness of New York state. At Christmas time, my husband and I had lots of friends and family come to stay with us. Christmas was a magical time deep in the forest where we lived, right next to a gem of a lake. The snow was deep. The lake was frosty. The birds visited the feeder in multitudes. Everyone enjoyed watching the zany antics of the flying squirrels.

But after Christmas week came and went, we were left to ourselves. No big parties in the woods for New Year's eve. No family dropping in to share stories and rum toddies. So came the birth of a New Year's Eve ritual (one of our many new years ideas)...

One year, on the 31st we opened a bottle of champagne and began to talk about the past year. What were we happy about? What was disappointing? What actions brought us closer to our dreams?

Were there things that we did not do that could have made life easier, better, fuller? Could we still do those things?

Basically, we took stock of the past year. Personal things and work-related.

There was no big plan for this evening. It was one of those new years ideas that just emerged. After talking about the past, we started on the future. We each committed to doing two or three things that we really wanted to do for our careers. (My husband was a writer.)

Just speaking those ideas out loud to another person was a powerful act. In fact, we found it so helpful and exhilarating (and fruitful) that we made it into a New Year's ritual.

More on New Years Ideas follows, but first...

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I´m writing about this today because I want to encourage YOU to consider doing this with someone you love. Or do it on your own.

Or use Skype to share your new years ideas with someone who is far away who may also need/want a creative boost for the new year.

The act of calmly looking back and ahead is a simple way to look deeply into the present. You can state calmly, "Here I am. Here´s where I am going."

As an example.... this past year, a close friend of mine heard the terrible news that she had cancer - and her remarkable reaction to the news, was to do something she had always wanted to do - record a CD. The result of Claire´s decision is a work of true art. 

If you decide to perform this New Year´s ritual - today - on the first day of 2012....


1. Planning is wonderful as long as you remain flexible about the outcome. Often, things do not work out as you hoped. Often, something even better comes along.

2. Feel no pressure when going through this process. It should be a peaceful time. Even if you are looking back at rather sad events. They are gone. You are here now. The Present Is Your Point of Power.

3. Do commit to a taking one or two actions. Get started today. Tremendous power comes from mindful action.

Happy New Year to All Of You. May 2012 be a stellar and hugely productive year! Thank you for taking part in my growing Web Site and in this newsletter. It is YOUR interest that keeps me writing....

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