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Sing Along 4 - Here's a little musical pause for those who love to sing along with simple, sometimes wacky songs - just for the fun of it! (I choose old songs so that I do no have to pay for licensing!) Brought to you twice a week from a different location and at any time of day.

Today, I am singing to my elderly Westie dog, Sniffer. She's very receptive to music. And seems to love to hear a song sung in her direction... as you will see. I hope you will join me for sing along 4.

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written in 1911 by Nat D. Ayer and W.A. Seymour Brown.
Sing Along 4

Oh, you beautiful doll, you great big beautiful doll.

Let me put my arms about you,

I don't want to live without you.

Oh,you beautiful doll, you great big beautiful doll.

If you ever leave me, how my heart would ache.

I want to hug you, but I fear you'd break.

Oh, oh, oh, oh. Oh, you beautiful doll......Oh, oh, oh, oh.

Oh, you beautiful doll.

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You will enjoy yourself - and this sing along that much more!

Thank you for visiting Barbara's Totally Random Sing-Along Blog.
Please come back again and bring your friends.
Let's all sing!

Just Say Yeah!

I wish you fun and crazy singing,

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