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Get started on your Singing Practice!

Barbara has created a variety of singing practice lessons for you.

When you are ready, here are the links to the 8-part "Sing With Me" singing practice lesson series.

• "Sing With Me" #1 - Soothe Your Vocal Cords!
For those days when you wake up with a raspy voice that doesn't feel good. Perhaps you have sung too much the night before... Here's the long-held "Nooo" exercise.

 "Sing With Me" #2 - Develop Better Vocal Control! 
I am going to demonstrate the exercise - "EE AY AH OH OO" to help build greater control of your voice...

• "Sing With Me" #3 - Sing High Notes!
This exercise is about your high notes. How to approach them with ease, with freedom and with fun.

• "Sing With Me" #4 - Improve Your Low Notes!
I demonstrate how your tongue should behave when you are singing and I take you through an exercise that will help you move down into your lower range more smoothly and with greater ease.

• "Sing With Me!" #5 - How To Sing Difficult Melodies - I give you three ways to approach those wide leaps in a melody that can be a challenge for many singers.

• "Sing With Me!" #6 - Make A Song Your Own - (How To Star In Your Own Song!) In "Sing With Me" video-lesson #6, I give you 4 tips about the subject of how to make a song your own. 

• "Sing With Me!" #7 - How To Sing "Soft" High Notes (Pianissimo)
Singing high notes that are well-controlled and NOT always SHOUTED is a skill that many singers find difficult to acquire. For those vocalists who only use the belting voice, the highest notes will usually have to be loud or louder! The video (#7) shows you a way to approach those high notes...

• "Sing With Me!" #8 - Audtions/Performing - 2 Secrets YOU MUST KNOW!Here are two of the most important things a singer should know to bring their auditions and performances to a higher level. Read more about these two Audition & Perfomance Secrets after you watch the video.

I wish you great singing!

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