Singing vocal coach, Barbara Lewis's New Newsletter, July 2016

Hello Singing Friends!

Soon I will restart my Singing Tips newsletter which I put on the back burner for about 2 years while I took more time to travel and perform.

Now that my new concert is well-rehearsed and ready for more recording and travel in 2017, I want to re-start my work with Singing Tips With Barbara Lewis.

What does it mean to be a Singing Vocal Coach?

This newsletter is going to have a slightly different slant. So you will need to decide if you want to remain on my mailing list. I will be writing to you both as a performer and as a vocal coach - literally, a Singing Vocal Coach.

You'll find information about vocal technique, repertoire, ways to protect your voice, how to choose good songs for your unique voice etc.

It will remain a newsletter with high quality information, valuable to all singers, but focussing especially on the needs and interests of singers over 40.

if you need a reminder about how the newsletter used to be - have a look here.

A different kind of Newsletter...

The newsletter is going to look different now. Hopefully more modern and little more elegant. And each newsletter will be about only ONE vocal issue. So it will be a faster read.

You will find the kinds of information that you would expect from a vocal coach - but also, I will be writing to you about what it means to be performing after 50! The challenges and the pleasures. I'll share some of the ways I keep my voice in good shape. How I choose songs. What it means to work with an agent and a manager. All the things that go into the more professional side of the business. The good and the bad. The happy and the sad. :)

I'm going to be pretty candid in this newsletter - from two sides of the business - both as a performer and as a vocal coach. Thus, a singing vocal coach. (By the way, I have two singing studios in Montreal. One on the West Island. And a smaller studio in the Plateau area. 

If this interests you, you don't need to to anything, Your name will remain on my list. If you want to be taken off the list, you will find the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the short newsletter I just sent to you.

Is all of this free?

Well, yes and no. I have created singing-related products that can help you in your work. And I will remind you about these products in my newsletters. When you purchase one of my Guides or CD warm up tapes etc, you help me to continue my work on this massive site. 

Thank you for being part of my singing world! And whatever your vocal interests, I hope to help you realize your dreams. And I wish you great singing!

(While the newsletter is always sent to you in English, you can choose to translate this page of information into other languages using the Google Translate tool at the top of the page.)

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