4 Major Steps To Become A Singer!

There are many steps to become a singer. Here are a few of them...

A SUGGESTION! Trust your instincts about the songs and sounds YOU like in music.

It is important that we artists stay finely tuned to our feelings. Your friends and family may not agree with your musical choices, but only YOU can decide what moves you. Often it is those first delicate feelings of excitement that give us the courage to take musical action.


1. Have a strong desire to sing
2. Listen to a lot of different kinds of music
3. Determine what types of music and/or whose singing you most admire
4. Ask yourself WHY you like this music?
For example:

- Is it the rhythm? (you feel like dancing/moving when you listen?)
- The singable melodies? (you hum those tunes all day)
- The lyrics? (they speak to feelings and beliefs that you share?)

5. Start singing along with the music you love

6. Set aside some time everyday to listen to songs and sing with them

7. Get yourself a blank book or an empty scribbler and write down questions or ideas that occur to you during your practice sessions.
For example:
- Are there songs that you think are especially good for you? Write down their names.
- Are there passages (phrases) in some songs that you simply cannot sing well? Explain what they are.
For example:
- Do you have trouble with high notes or low notes?
- Do you feel that your breathing does not work well enough to hold long notes?
- Does your voice shake too much?
- Or perhaps you do not have a natural vibrato in your sound?
- Is your throat sore after you sing? (It should not be.)
- How do you like the tone, (the sound) of your own voice?

Taking the time to do all of this thinking and experimenting BEFORE you seek out a teacher can help you in important ways.

One example: You will find out if your desire to sing is strong enough to keep you working consistently towards becoming a singer. And then, if you find that you ENJOY working on your voice, it may be time to find a good voice teacher.


1. if your voice is working pretty well, and you want to sing with others, you may want to:
- join a choir
- start a singing group of your own
- do an audition to see what outside experts have to say about your voice and your performing ability
2. If you feel that you need to have some lessons to take you to another level of singing, start looking for a teacher.
3. Here are some ideas about and exciting new way to improve your voice - Online Video Lessons.


1. Find someone who likes your style of music and with whom you feel comfortable
2. Start to develop good singing technique with their guidance
3. Work on a few songs and get them to the point where you can sing them fairly well
4. Think about what you want to do with your singing.
You are spending your money (or your parents money) on your voice. What are your hopes and dreams regarding singing?
Discuss this with your teacher. See if s/he supports your desires.

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D. WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO WITH YOUR SINGING? (Your next steps to become a singer…)

1. Gradually and with pleasure, move towards your goals. (Keep in mind that as you sing better & better, your goals may change...)
Do you want to:
Sing in a choir?
Sing for your children?
Serenade a new lover?
Sing better in the shower?
Do some auditions?
Become a professional singer?

Each of these pursuits will take you in different musical directions. Think about where you want to end up, and then begin to chart your path.
Do you know your next step?
Why not take it now?

REMEMBER! Good singing feeds both your body and your soul.

Get Out There And Sing!

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