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How About the SPECIAL TRIO PACKAGE of ONLINE SINGING LESSONS...that can take them (or YOU) to the next level?


Are you looking for a unique gift - (one of those really cool gift ideas) - for someone with singing talent who may have a good voice that just needs a bit of tweaking? Or some professional coaching that could take a good singer to a higher level?

Vocal lessons are an important part of every singer's life. And for someone who loves to sing but whose voice is untrained, they are a vital component of the recipe for successful singing. (This is truly one of those cool gift ideas that matters.)

Unfortunately, quite often the people who need singing lessons from a professional singing coach are the very people who cannot take them.

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- Lesson packages
- Special Projects
- Consultations
- E-Guides
- Overcome Stage Fright!
- Singer's Studio Equipment
- Or buy your singer a ZOOM recorder. 
(Inexpensive, wonderful gift. Great value!)

"Barbara, thank you so much for your wonderful teaching. Your positive approach to life comes through with the singing. Your mastery of vocal technique is sans-pareil." - Cynthia Carsley

What Keeps Singers From Getting Good Coaching?

There may be no professional singing instructor who lives nearby. (I know this for a fact, because I have students who live so far from my studio that the commute takes them two hours.) Read here for more information about my 25-year coaching career - BARBARA LEWIS. I also specialize in working with older singers -

Many would-be singers with real talent give up because they lack the guidance of a vocal coach who can help them to realize their singing dreams.

Let's face it. We all lead busy lives, and very often the person who wants so desperately to learn to sing is the one with the least amount of time - or the one whose parents have too little time to drive them to and from their singing teacher's studio.

Interactive Video Lessons - One of those really cool gift ideas...

In-person lessons given by a professional vocal coach can be expensive. And often, teachers require that you sign on for a minimum number of lessons.

The problem is that even if the would-be singer tells you that he/she really wants to learn to sing, sometimes when they realize the amount of work involved, they may change their mind.

And that is fine. But if you have signed up for 10 lessons and at lesson 5, you realize it is not for you, it can leave you with a considerable bill for lessons that will never be completed.

A package of 3 interactive video lessons can give you a good taste of what the singer’s life entails – and you can do this from your home!

So, is this PACKAGE of 3-Interactive Video Lessons right for YOU or for someone you LOVE?

It makes a great Christmas or Birthday Gift, Valentine´s gift or a unique Father's day present. (Cool gift ideas are hard to find - especially for "him"...)

- For someone who wonders if they really do have a good voice

- For people who want to find out if they truly want to pursue a career in singing

- For parents of talented children who want to find out if their child is serious about learning to sing

- For people who don't have access to a good professional vocal coach in their area

- For a singer who needs a burst of new ideas about their voice

- For someone who is preparing for an audition and needs just a few lessons to give them extra confidence

- For someone who is coming back to singing after a long time away and needs a little advice about what songs to sing and how to do a good vocal warm-up

Lessons are different for each singer depending upon level of ability and individual need. (I teach singers from the beginning level to the professional level). But here are a few things that are usually covered in lessons:

Lesson One - (Getting to Know You)

- We will talk about your singing hopes and dreams

- I will hear you sing a song or part of a song; or, if you do not yet have a song to sing, I will take you through a series of easy vocal scales so that I can learn about how you use your voice

- We’ll talk about your breathing and posture and what works for a singer

- We will create a short series of vocal warm-ups – tailored to your needs – for you to practice until I see you for the second lesson

- And finally, if you are ready to do so, we will agree on a song for you to prepare for lesson two

At the end of the lesson, I will send you by e-mail an MP3 sound file of your lesson so that you can listen and continue to learn until I see you again.

Lesson Two - (Finding the right approach for you)
- I will take you through the warm-up we created for you in lesson one. If you are ready, I will add more vocalizes to your practice session. We’ll talk through any questions you may have from your work since I last saw you.

- You will sing through your song(s) and we will work on ways to improve the song(s).
- If you do not yet have a song to sing, we will explore song options for lesson three.

At the end of the lesson, I will send you by e-mail an MP3 sound file of your lesson so that you can listen and continue to learn until I see you again.

Lesson Three - (Teaching You How to Practice)
- Again, we will start with a fun vocal warm-up and add a few more warm-up exercises to your daily practice
- If you have songs to sing, you will sing through your song(s)- We’ll talk about ways to improve the song(s)
- If you are doing an audition, we will work on ways to better prepare you for that event
- We will talk about how you can do better vocal work when you are on your own

At the end of the lesson, I will send you by e-mail an MP3 sound file of your lesson so that you can listen and continue to learn until I see you again. Here's a FREE vocal exercise. GO and have fun singing!

Here are 2 options:
1. Your payment of $79.99 for three 30-minute lessons can be made directly through PAYPAL. This reduced price will only be offered through this Gift Package. Act NOW! This is one of those cool gift ideas that can have lasting power.

2. If you plan to give these online video lessons as a gift,
visit the Barbara Lewis Gift Shop where you also have the option of giving a gift certificate that you can print out and/or send to your giftee.


BARBARA LEWIS is a professional singer, songwriter and teacher who has been giving online singing lessons for several years. Read about her approach to online singing lessons - how they work and what you can expect....

And read here about taking online lessons if you are an older singer - or a vocalist who is coming back to singing later in life.

ONLINE SINGING LESSONS are one of those cool gift ideas that are appropriate for everybody who wants to sing!

Watch Barbara's best-selling music video Lullaby For A Deep Sleep.

More about Barbara Lewis:
The Teacher, and The Singer and The Performer. I know the world of singing from all these areas. If you need help with singing better, please contact me.

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