The Benefits of Singing Will Surprise YOU!

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One of the great benefits of singing that is not written or talked about very often is how the study of singing can bring more pleasure to our romantic lives.

If you are immediately saying, "No way! That's crazy!" - please hear me out...


There are several issues to consider.
Here are two:

1. As you progress in your studies of singing, you WILL learn how to express more shades of emotion. This is just a natural outcome of the work.

As you study the lyrics of your songs, you will be looking for ways to express the mood and feelings that the songwriter had in mind. You search inside yourself to find emotions that will make the song come alive.

Over time, this process helps you to develop YOUR OWN EMOTIONAL language. And with experience, your inner emotional world - will grow.

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Like the trees you see in the picture above, you too will begin to "branch out" in terms of emotional development. And that can only help you in your romantic life.

You will be able to connect more deeply to your own feelings and express them better to your lover - because you have learned about those feelings in your singing training!

Men who find it difficult to speak romantic words to your loved one - this is especially wonderful for YOU! Please read on...

2. Singers have special romantic appeal. Isn't that true?

When you tell someone that you are a singer or that you are learning to sing, you are immediately perceived as being "artistic," and that has, for many people, great romantic appeal.

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But it is not just a matter of perception... We singers REALLY do learn how to express deep feelings more easily.

For you men - it becomes much easier to relate to women's feelings, because you have had to explore your own deeper feelings in making a song come to life.

For we women - I believe that we can also become better lovers because we experience feelings that we may not have known, had we not sung those songs that took us into very new emotional states.

The benefits of singing are many. But this particular benefit is one that can have far reaching effects - allowing us to get closer to the ones we love.

I wish you great singing and a wonderful, always-deepening romantic life!

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