Confidence Boosters - Uncommon Ones - Especially for Singers

5 Uncommon Ideas

I am not a strong believer in setting loads of singing goals. But I do see the coming of a new season (September, here in Canada.) as a powerful time for we singers to create new ways of building success - on our own terms.

As a long time vocal coach and performing singer, I have had many opportunities to watch how my students and colleagues build success (& happiness) - or not.

I, too, have done many things (both smart & foolish!) in my career that have taught me some important and uncommon lessons. Here below are the 5 ideas in 5 crucial areas that I believe can boost your success and happiness. I hope they will be confidence boosters for you as you glide into the coming season and then on to 2019. But first...

Confidence-boosters of another sort - for the minutes just before you perform.

And now on to 5 more universal confidence builders:

1. Technique - Your technique is "given wings" - lifted up - by your emotional connection to your singing.

if the stars in the above image represent your current technical ability, the radiant beams represent your deep musical "feelings" that can lift your technique into a much better place.

In my studio, I like to work from two powerful aspects of singing - emotional & technical. Often, singers who cannot sing scales easily or well, will simply fly when they lift their voice in song. It is a bit of a mystery. But quite true. Bolster your technique with songs that make you feel powerful! Knowing this is great confidence booster.

- Here is a wonderful  vocal exercise to get your warm up started.

2. Song Choice - Words have power.
Your body knows when you do not believe or you are not "connecting" with the words you are singing. I believe that when you are not connected to the words, you cannot sing with real power. Take the time to read what your songs have to say. Do you agree with the lyrics? Do they speak to you? Can you read them to a friend with conviction, even if you do not agree with them? Can you stand by your song?

While we must sing some songs for other reasons (to build a voice, to do an audition etc.), always be working on some songs that give you deep, expressive strength. They will help you to build your unique voice.

3. Health - Health comes from all directions.
Health is not just what we eat and drink. it is what we breathe, how we emote, who we love, who loves us, where we live, how we sleep, what we aspire to, who supports us, who we support, what we think about, where we put our energy, who we bond with, who our parents are/were etc.

Health is multi-faceted. Sometimes it is hard to know what is keeping us from better health. But good health is crucial for a singer. Suggestion from this singer, who is NOT a health expert: If you feel that you are often unhealthy, or you are worried about your health, take some "time out" to be really quiet. Just Stop. Lie down or sit quietly. Close your eyes for a few minutes and... Listen.......without judging. Just listen............. Sometimes your mind/body will tell you what is wrong. And it may be something that you did not know was bothering you.

Then act slowly to make a change...

4. Age - Your age is your Power.
What ever your age, you have strengths that come with that portion of life. A confidence booster without measure.

Pre-teens & Teens - Your power is in the beginning of things. You are starting out.

20´s - Your power is in your ferocious energy. Your bodies and minds are sharp with fuel.

30´s - Your power is in knowledge. You begin to understand the strength that comes with knowing more about yourself and the world.

40´s - You begin to understand the power of work. Most things in life take work. "Luck" often follows work. You have seen how this happens.

50´s - You know the power of choice. You choose where to put your energy more carefully, because you can no longer do "everything."

60´s - You know the power of a new beginning. Your children are gone or leaving. Your work life is changing. You can take on new life quests.

70´s - You have learned the power of endurance. You have come this far. You still have emotional energy. You plan to express your years through singing.

80´s - You know the power of patience. You can now take your time and sing when life allows it.

90´s - You know the power of peace. Your ambitions are quiet. You sing for joy.

100´s - You know the power of uniqueness. Few of us reach this age. You sing to an inner landscape of time and history.

5. Time is your friend because "the present is your point of power." Know that you have done your best up to this point. Forgive yourself for what you haven't done yet. And for those actions you are not happy about. Plan to do better right NOW. You will be ok.

All of these ideas can be great confidence boosters for you. I wish you great singing NOW and throughout the New Year!

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