How To Learn To Sing! - So, Your Child Dreams Of Singing?

A Message to Parents and To Aspiring Young Singers!

how to learn to sing

How To Learn To Sing....

First of all, while I am writing these tips for your Parents , I hope that you teenagers will read this, too!

Especially if you would like to help your parents understand why singing is so important to you. And - what they can do to help you to realize your dreams!

So, for both parents (and aspiring young singers) here are 5 helpful tips about how to learn to sing...

how to sing

1. TALK ABOUT IT. - If you have not done so already, take the time to sit with your child and ask him/her how their dream began. Express your real interest in what they hope to achieve. Here are some questions to get you started:

When did you begin to dream about becoming a singer? Which singers inspire you? What kind of music do you like best? Can you show me the music that you think you'd like to sing?

Get on YouTube ( with them and watch and listen. Avoid showing horror about the singers they love. Just take the time to quietly learn about your child's aspirations. You might be surprised.

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2. ASK THEM TO SING FOR YOU. - This one is tricky. Some young people find it very hard to sing for their family. It is their worst singing nightmare to have to perform for such potentially disapproving humans. So, be kind. If your child cannot or will not sing for you, then ask if you can hear an MP3 of them singing for themselves or for a friend. Don't demand a performance too soon. And resist saying, "Well, if you can't sing for me, how on earth are you going to sing for a bunch of strangers?"

Often, it is easier to sing for strangers than for Mom or Dad.
But some children ARE eager to show their parents what they can do. In this case, listen and be encouraging. And then...

3. ASK HOW YOU CAN HELP. - Does your child need lessons? Does s/he want you to buy a guitar? A piano? A karaoke machine?

Whatever it is - start small. Commit to going to one trial singing lesson, for example. The point is just to get started on the process.

If you (as well as your teen) have no idea about how to learn to sing - then this can be a fun experience for both of you. But don't make it stressful. Go into it step by step.

4. DO SOME READING ABOUT SINGING. - Have a look at this short article... Wondering About How To Sing Well? And here is a brief guide to starting a singing career.

Read about the importance of self-esteem for a singer: What Is Self Esteem?

And take a look at how to learn to sing for an audition.

This reading will give you a peek into the world of a singer - a wonderful, but pretty demanding path to take in life.

5. TAKE A DEEP BREATH and decide to have fun with this new adventure. Keep in mind that most children will not end up pursuing a singing career. But that is not the most important aspect of this journey.

Singing teaches many important lessons: how to stand better; how to express your deeper feelings to others; how to breathe more fully; how to walk into a room with confidence; how to focus on small vocal details; how to listen; how to work with passion and patience.

At the very least, you and your child can have some fun with music. And that will only enhance your lives.

I wish you a great adventure!

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