Good Valentine Presents For Men Are Often Hard To Choose: Here is A Novel Solution...

Finding unique and fun Valentine presents for men can be quite a challenge. Many men are not comfortable about requesting something romantic. So we women often choose for safety rather than go with a risk.

My late husband and I really looked forward to Valentine's Day. We tried to avoid the commercial noise surrounding the event and looked for ways to make Valentine´s a time to re-connect with one another.

I always bought him a symbolic gift - something that was kind of offbeat and unexpected. In his case, that anguished cry of "Valentine Presents for Men, Help!" was not in my vocabulary. I knew the things that he dreamed about. And he knew my hopes. We talked about them a lot.

But not all couples are like that. Sometimes you have to probe a bit. Finding out what would really please a loved one can take a little work. And here comes my suggestion of a unique gift - for the right person.

Music lessons!

You do not have to buy a year´s worth. It would not make sense to spend a lot of money on what may be only a whim. But for that person in your life who has (quietly) hankered to play the piano, or sing, or strum the guitar - Valentine´s Day is a wonderful time to offer a few intro lessons into the magical world of music.

Last year, a man called me from New York to say that he had been given a gift of several lessons with me. I did not know him or his wife (who gave the gift). And we lived in different cities.

But there we were, not long after Valentine´s Day, talking to one another using Skype Video and preparing for one of several lessons. He was hoping to do an audition. My work with him was to get him ready to sing for the judges.

His wife´s gift gave me the idea of creating a small package of lessons that people could easily give to someone who may or may not have a good singing voice - but want to give it a try.

That little group of lessons is called the Trio Package. This set of just 3 lessons gives a person a chance to discover for himself what kind of voice he has and whether he likes taking individual lessons.

And he doesn't have to leave his home to do it!

It may not be singing that turns your man on (musically speaking). But if you know that he harbors a secret desire to play an instrument or bang on some drums or blow through a sexy sax. Think about giving him that thrill this Valentine's Day.

No need to spend a lot. Just get him started and see where it goes.

I wish you both a loving and joyful Valentine´s Day - no matter what you do!

Read about Barbara Lewis as a singer and long-time vocal coach of professionals and those who would simply like to give it a go!

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